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Heejin Lee is a Staff Scientist in the RNA genomics team working in Dr. Taeyoung Hwang’s lab. She joined the Lieber Institute in 2022. She is working to measure
RNA–protein interactions in chromatin and establish the experimental pipeline to evaluate histone modifications in cell lines and stem cells. She works using platforms
for massively parallel investigation of the effects of psychiatric risk alleles.

Dr. Lee received her doctoral degree in medical sciences from the Catholic University of Korea school of medicine. She majored in pharmacology and biology. Her previous
work at the Department of Psychiatry at the Catholic University of Korea included findingbiomarkers of alcohol, nicotine, and drug addictions through genetic and protein
expression analysis for identifying pathophysiological mechanisms to diagnose and treatpatients. She had experience as a teaching assistant in biochemistry and molecular
biology experiment at Yonsei University Medical School.