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Changing the research landscape

In the increasingly complex world of big science, the Lieber Institute for Brain Development was created to embody a unique flavor and culture, a one-of-a kind oasis. Our founding credo was to bring scientists with diverse experience and perspectives together in a common space, with a common mission and purpose and have them work together as a committed faculty, unencumbered by many of the financial pressures of academic life, to achieve an ambitious project related to the causes and development of new treatments for developmental behavior disorders.

The Institute was conceived as a hybrid of an academic institution and a biotech company, with the expectation of deliverables and milestones, but also with a spirit of innovation, creativity, and flexibility. It is a unique institutional environment where scientists work together in teams with explicit and shared goals and achieve progress in mental illness research that had eluded more traditional academic and private industry research models. The principles of strategic flexibility, open debate, team science, risk taking, community spirit and the whole being much greater than the sum of its parts resonate throughout the labs and offices of the Institute.

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