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Leonardo Collado-Torres, Ph.D. is an Investigator with the Lieber Institute for Brain Development. Leonardo got his Bachelor in Genomic Sciences degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (LCG-UNAM) in 2009 where he first started learning and teaching R. He joined the Winter Genomics startup in 2009 as its first employee and developed a solid base for the growth of this company during his two years there. During his Ph.D. studies (2011-2016) at the Department of Biostatistics at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg of School of Public Health with Jeff Leek and Andrew E Jaffe, Dr. Collado-Torres developed several R/Bioconductor packages. Leonardo joined LIBD in 2016 as part of Andrew E Jaffe’s Data Science team and was promoted to Investigator in 2020. He leads the R/Bioconductor-powered Team Data Science group that works on understanding the roots and signatures of disease (particularly psychiatric disorders) by zooming in across dimensions of gene activity. This involves studying gene expression at all expression feature levels (genes, exons, exon-exon junctions, and un-annotated regions) and by using different gene expression measurement technologies (bulk RNA-seq, single cell/nuclei RNA-seq, and spatial transcriptomics) that provide finer biological resolution and localization of gene expression. Leonardo’s group works closely with collaborators from LIBD as well as from Johns Hopkins University (JHU) and University College London (UCL), which reflects the cross-disciplinary approach and diversity in the expertise needed to further advance our understanding of high-throughput biology. For outstanding contributions to the Bioconductor project and community, Leonardo was recognized with a Bioconductor Award 2021.

Follow Leonardo on Twitter @lcolladotor, LinkedIn @lcollado, GitHub @lcolladotor, or Google Scholar.

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Data-driven Identification of Total RNA Expression Genes (TREGs) for Estimation of RNA Abundance in Heterogeneous Cell Types

Louise A. Huuki-MyersKelsey D. MontgomerySang Ho KwonStephanie C. PageStephanie C. HicksKristen R. Maynard †Leonardo Collado-Torres

SpatialExperiment: infrastructure for spatially resolved transcriptomics data in R using Bioconductor

Dario Righelli __*__Lukas M. Weber __*__Helena L. Crowell __*__Brenda PardoLeonardo Collado-TorresShila GhazanfarAaron T. L. Lun,Stephanie C. Hicks †Davide Risso

BiocMAP: A Bioconductor-friendly, GPU-Accelerated Pipeline for Bisulfite-Sequencing Data

Nicholas J. EaglesRichard WiltonAndrew E. JaffeLeonardo Collado-Torres

Amygdala and anterior cingulate transcriptomes from individuals with bipolar disorder reveal downregulated neuroimmune and synaptic pathways

Peter P. ZandiAndrew E. JaffeFernando S. GoesEmily E. BurkeLeonardo Collado-TorresLouise Huuki-MyersArta SeyedianYian LinFayaz SeifuddinMehdi PiroozniaChristopher A. RossJoel E. KleinmanDaniel R. WeinbergerThomas M. Hyde

Genetics and Brain Transcriptomics of Completed Suicide

Giovanna PunziGianluca UrsiniQiang ChenEugenia RadulescuRan TaoLouise A. HuukiPasquale Di CarloLeonardo Collado-TorresJoo Heon ShinRoberto CatanesiAndrew E. JaffeThomas M. HydeJoel E. KleinmanTrudy F.C. MackayDaniel R. Weinberger


Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Download a copy of my CV here.



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Louise A. Huuki-Myers

Nicholas J. Eagles


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