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January 4, 2018 / BBC World News

BBC World News featured a story on the Lieber Institute during their broadcast on Wednesday, January 3rd. The segment, which reached an estimated BBC audience of 372 million viewers worldwide, highlights our mission to translate genetic insights and the underlying biological causes of mental illness into novel treatments – which can only be achieved by studying the brain itself.

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LIBD on BBC World News

Such scientific advances would not be possible without the admirable donations made by families in what can only be the most difficult and unimaginable moment in their lives. In this story you will meet Ken Gilstein, who tragically lost his wife to suicide last year. Dr. Gilstein, like so many families who elect to donate brains, is hopeful that by contributing to scientific research to better understand mental illness, his loss will positively impact the lives of millions. We are grateful to Dr. Gilstein not only for his generosity in a time of tragedy, but for his willingness to share his story with the world.

As noted by Dr. Weinberger and Dr. Hyde in the story, LIBD continues to accelerate efforts to uncover the genetic, biological, and chemical abnormalities that lead to mental illness. With each brain donation, we come closer to understanding how to identify, treat and ultimately prevent brain disorders.