Earlier this year, former NFL player Donté Stallworth paid a visit to LIBD for a tour of the Institute and Q&A session with Director and CEO Dr. Weinberger. The conversation explored the status of brain injury in professional and college athletics, and how we might work together to raise awareness around this issue and the importance of brain research.

As the 2017 NFL Season begins, we once again examine the status of brain injury in professional football and the need for continued scientific research into CTE. Dr. Weinberger shares the concern in his latest Huffington Post blog, “It’s First Down For NFL 2017, But For CTE, It’s Still A Touchback.” He notes that, while prevention and acute treatment is critical, a better understanding of the molecular changes in the brain will lead to innovative and effective treatments that will help rebuild lives, families and maybe even brains.

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Former NFL Player Donté Stallworth Talks Concussions