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Qiang (Danny) Chen, Ph.D. is a Lead Research Scientist at the Lieber Institute for Brain Development. His research interests focus on statistical modeling and machine learning in studies of neuroimaging, genomics, RNA-seq, and electrophysiology. Dr. Chen received his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Arizona State University in 2001. From 2002 to 2005 he finished his postdoctoral training in neuroimaging and imaging genetics at Department of Psychiatry in Weill Cornell Medicine of Cornell University. Before joining the Lieber Institute in 2012, he worked with Dr. Daniel Weinberger as a research fellow at Genes Cognition and Psychosis Program (GCAP) of the National Institute of Mental Health.

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Birnbaum R, Jaffe AE, Chen Q, Shin JH; BrainSeq Consortium, Kleinman JE, Hyde TM, Weinberger DR. Investigating the Neuro-Immunogenic Architecture of Schizophrenia. Mol Psychiatry. 2017.

Jabbi M, Chen Q, Turner N, Kohn P, White M, Kippenhan JS, Dickinson D, Kolachana B, Mattay V, Weinberger DR, Berman KF. Variation in the Williams syndrome GTF2I gene and anxiety proneness interactively affect prefrontal cortical response to aversive stimuli. Transl Psychiatry. 5:e622, 2015.

Tan HY, Chen AG, Chen Q, Browne LB, Verchinski B, Kolachana B, Zhang F, Apud J, Callicott JH, Mattay VS, Weinberger DR. Epistatic interactions of AKT1 on human medial temporal lobe biology and pharmacogenetic implications. Mol Psychiatry. 17(10):1007-16, 2012.

Zhang F, Chen Q, Ye T, Lipska BK, Straub RE, Vakkalanka R, Rujescu D, St Clair D, Hyde TM, Bigelow L, Kleinman JE, Weinberger DR. Evidence of sex-modulated association of ZNF804A with schizophrenia. Biological Psychiatry.69(10): 914-7, 2011.

Rasetti R, Sambataro F, Chen Q, Callicott JH, Mattay VS, Weinberger DR. Altered cortical network dynamics: a potential intermediate phenotype for schizophrenia and association with ZNF804A. Archives of General Psychiatry. 68(12):1207-17, 2011.

Zink CF, Tong Y, Chen Q, Bassett DS, Stein JL, Meyer-Lindenberg A. Know your place: neural processing of social hierarchy in humans. Neuron. 58(2):273-83, 2008.

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