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About Daniel

About Daniel

Daniel Hiler, Ph.D. joined Brady Maher’s group to generate and differentiate induced pluripotent stem cells derived from Pitt-Hopkins patients into neurons. He is a stem cell biologist joining the Lieber Institute from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN. His work will be partially funded by a grant from the Brace Cove Foundation.

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Aldiri, I., Xu, B., Wang, L., Chen, X., Hiler, D., Griffiths, L., Valentine, M., Shirinifard, A., Thiagarajan, S., Sablauer, A., Barabas, ME., Zhang, J., Johnson, D., Frase, S., Zhou, X., Easton, J., Zhang, J., Mardis, ER., Wilson, RK., Downing, JR., Dyer, MA. The dynamic epigenetic landscape of the retina during development, reprogramming, and tumorigenesis. Neuron. May 3(2017).

Hiler, DJ., Barabas, ME., Griffiths, LM., Dyer, MA. Reprogramming of mouse retinal neurons and standardized quantification of their differentiation in 3D retinal cultures. Nat. Protoc. October 11(2016).

Hiler, D., Chen X. Hazen J., Kupriyanov, S., Carroll, PA., Qu, C., Xu, B., Johnson, D., Griffiths, L., Frase, S., Rodriguez, Ar., Martin, G., Zhang, J., Jeon, J., Fan, Y., Finkelstein, D., Eisenman, RN., Baldwin, K., Dyer, MA., Quantification of Retinogenesis in 3D Cultures Reveals Epigenetic Memory and Higher Efficiency in iPSCs Derived from Rod Photoreceptors. Cell. Stem Cell. July 2 (2015).

Martins RA, Davis D, Kerekes R, Zhang J, Bayazitov IT, Hiler D, Karakaya M, Frase S, Gleason S, Zakharenko SS, Johnson DA, Dyer MA. Retinoblastoma (Rb) regulates laminar dendritic arbor reorganization in retinal horizontal neurons. PNAS. Dec 27 (2011).

Geusz ME, Blakely KT, Hiler DJ, Jamasbi RJ. Elevated mPer1 gene expression in tumor stroma imaged through bioluminescence. Int. J Cancer. Feb 1 (2010).

Hiler DJ, Bhattacherjee A, Yamazaki S, Tei H, Geusz ME. Circadian mPer1 gene expression in mesencephalic trigeminal nucleus cultures. Brain Res. Jun 12 (2008).

Hiler DJ, Greenwald ML, Geusz ME. Imaging gene expression in live transgenic mice after providing luciferin in drinking water. Photochem. Photobiol Sci. Nov 5 (2006).