Clinical Sciences

Joel Kleinman

Associate Director, Clinical Sciences, Investigator

Dr. Kleinman is Associate Director, Clinical Sciences, Lieber Institute for Brain Development (LIBD), Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD.

Dr. Kleinman received three degrees from the University of Chicago (BS, 1966, MD, 1973 and PHD, 1974). He completed an internship at San Francisco General Hospital and residencies in psychiatry at Harvard and neurology at George Washington University, respectively. He subsequently was a tenured Section Chief in the NIMH.

He has spent the last 36 years in the NIH amassing what is widely regarded as one of the best collections of postmortem human brains for the study of the molecular biology of brain development and related disorders, especially schizophrenia. He has been both a pioneer and leader in this area of research with over 200 peer-reviewed papers on postmortem human brain. Recently, his research has focused on allelic variation, alternative transcripts and epigenetic modifications in both human brain development and schizophrenia. His lab has published a dozen papers that focus on prenatal brain development and its importance in risk for schizophrenia. Dr. Kleinman and his group at LIBD have also established one of the first, if not largest collections of postmortem brains of patients with PTSD.


Selected Publications

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