Activated form of the signaling molecule notch (green) & the transcription factor 2 (red) in mouse neural stem cells.

The Lieber Institute for Brain Development is a center for interdisciplinary, translational neuroscience research structured around three divisions: Basic Sciences, Clinical Sciences, and Drug Discovery. The basic research focuses on central neurodevelopmental questions related to building a human brain from the first cells. 

The Mission of the Lieber Institute
L to R: Ron McKay, Daniel R. Weinberger, Sol Snyder

The Lieber Institute is an independent, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and a Maryland tax-exempt academic research institution.

The Institute has a Board of Directors that is responsible for strategic planning, oversight, and executive management. The Institute has an outside, independent Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) comprised of leading scientists engaged in work related to LIBD projects.   


Board of Directors

Herbert Pardes, M.D., Chair
- Executive Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, New York-Presbyterian Hospital

Ronald J. Daniels
- President of The Johns Hopkins University

Steven S. Sharfstein, M.D.
- Former President and CEO of Sheppard Pratt Health System 

Stephen Lieber

Mary Rubin

Samuel Lieber

Tamar Maltz

Milton Maltz

Daniel R. Weinberger, M.D.
- Director and Chief Executive Officer of the 
Lieber Institute for Brain Development

The Lieber Institute occupies a unique niche as the only institution in the world entirely dedicated to research on psychiatric disorders. Translating scientific insight into meaningful clinical progress based on causes, not symptoms, is a daunting challenge.

The Institute pursues this goal by emphasizing teamwork, deliverables, and milestones alongside innovation, risk-taking, 
and novelty.  

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Joseph Coyle, Chair
- Harvard Medical School

Dr. Jeffrey Conn
- Vanderbilt University 

Dr. Mark Bear
- Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Pat Levitt
- University of Southern California

Dr. Steven Salzberg
- Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Dr. Matthew State
- University of California, San Francisco

Dr. Trudy Mackay
- NC State University


“The basic principle of a privately funded institution like the Lieber Institute is that it’s an investment for science, not the other way around."

- Daniel R. Weinberger, M.D.