The Lieber Institute was founded with historic philanthropic support from two families committed to advancing research for mental illness and schizophrenia.  The inspirational vision of our founders for a "Manhattan Project" brings together researchers from across a variety of disciplines and promises to change the mental illness research landscape.

Stephen and Connie Lieber

Stephen and Connie Lieber
Stephen and Connie Lieber

Since 1980, Steve and Connie Lieber have been the leading public advocates and philanthropic supporters of mental illness and schizophrenia research in the United States and around the globe. Their investment in this effort comes from personal experience in dealing with a family member with chronic mental illness for decades.

They provided the inspirational leadership of NARSAD (now the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation), which established the organization as second only to NIMH in supporting scientific research into the causes, cures and treatments, and prevention of severe mental illness, primarily schizophrenia and depression. Steve Lieber continues to serve as the Brain and Behavioral Research Foundation's Board Chair. 

Steve and Connie Lieber are also responsible for founding the Williams College Neuroscience Program, and the Lieber Center for Schizophrenia Research and the Lieber Clinic for Comprehensive Care, both at Columbia University. Mr. Lieber is the founder and managing partner of Alpine Woods Investments of Purchase, New York.

Milton and Tamar Maltz

Milton and Tamar Maltz
Tamar and Milton Maltz

Milton Maltz founded Malrite Communications Group, Inc. in 1956 and served as its Chairman and CEO until the Company was sold in 1998. Under his direction, Malrite became one of the most successful operators of radio and television properties in the country with stations stretching from New York to Los Angeles.

As a member of the broadcast industry's Hall of Fame, Mr. Maltz created the National Association of Broadcasters' Task Force for Free TV, served on its Political Action Committee, and was a Director of the Radio Advertising Bureau and Vice-Chairman of the Independent Television Association. In 1998, Mr. Maltz was the recipient of the University of Cincinnati's distinguished Frederic W. Ziv Award for outstanding achievement in telecommunication.

Mr. Maltz has been active in numerous philanthropic and civic organizations. He has been a trustee of PLANNED Life Assistance Network, a trustee of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, of the Better Business Bureau, and the Montefiore Home.

Two outstanding achievements have been his role in founding the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, and the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. He currently serves on the Board of the CIA Officers Memorial Foundation. Mr. and Mrs. Maltz also are founders of the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage located in Beachwood, Ohio. Tamar Maltz has served on the boards of Montefiore Home for the Aged, and Friends of the Aaron Garber Library.